Wednesday, 17 April 2013


I've just realised I've slightly contradicted myself.. In my last post I said I don't paint my nails everyday and for some reason, the last 2 days I have!

I'm not usually the type of girl who enjoys red nails but I seem to be able to make an exception for this beauty!
The red is St James by Nails inc. and is a beautiful postbox red with the slightest bit of shimmer running through it. I used one coat in the picture below and it has such a good payoff. I did have the full size but it ran out *boohoo* but luckily enough I received this miniature version in a glossybox.
The glitter is by technic, and I'm not exactly sure where you can get these from as I just found it plonked on a random shelf in my local tesco. But for 99p I couldn't walk away as it is a mixture of gold, silver, green, blue & red glitter and I really find that it just makes your nails look that bit more exciting.

Thanks for reading!
E xxx