Thursday, 23 May 2013

MAC cremesheen lipstick in pure zen.

Hello lovelies! 
Sorry I haven't been around much lately I've had a lot of family issues going on, but they are getting sorted now so I should be back properly! 

Last weekend to take my mind off everything I went shopping and found myself at the MAC counter in fenwicks. 
I wanted to get Hue but they couldn't find it so I ended up getting Pure Zen instead.
Pure zen is a gorgeous peachy nude compared to Hue which is more pinky. 
And if I'm brutally honest I think it's my new favourite MAC lipstick along with my new favourite nude. I love the cremesheen formula as well as they are very moisturising and don't dry your lips out! Plus I love the taste of MAC lipsticks! 

Also seeing as its my 21st next Wednesday me and my mum have planned to go to London overnight, hopefully In June. I already have a bit of money put away so expect a pretty big MAC haul in the next month or so! 

What's your favourite MAC or nude lipstick? 

E xxxx