Friday, 31 May 2013

Hair we go again......(From disaster to happily ever after!)

I have been trying to get my hair red for months!! So when I met a nurse with the colour hair I was after, I decided to ask her what dye she used. 
She said she used the Live Colour XXL Luminance in infra red, so I went and and bought it. 
On Monday I decided to give it ago & to be honest my first impressions wasn't that great. The formula was extremely thick, I had trouble mixing it & trying to squeeze the product out was a mission in itself. Then putting it on, it was going bright orange. I thought it was where the colour hadn't settled straight away, But when I washed it off, my hair was ginger and my roots fluorescent orange.
(This is after 4 washes and to be honest the picture doesn't tell how bright it really was.)

Being bank holiday I couldn't go and buy a different dye as all shops shut early, so I had to wait until the next day. I washed it 4 times before going out and also toned it down with Batiste for brunettes, but in the end I found a red dye that i liked the look of, it was just whether it would go that colour.

I went with the Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color the Infra Reds Collection in the shade 6.60 Fiery Red.
The formula was a lot better, was easy to mix and went on like a dream & it smelt fruity rather than full of chemicals. Then once it was on my hair it went red straight away and after leaving it for 35 mins, this was the result.
(Above: the same day and in daylight, below: after a wash at about 9pm)

As you can see, its not the typical Rihanna red but a nice dark and bright red.
I'm so pleased with the results and will definitely be using this dye again.
I used 2 dyes on my hair just to make sure it was all covered but they are on offer 2 for £9 at Superdrug. 

Have you ever had a hair disaster?!

E xxxx