Sunday, 23 June 2013

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation Review

So on a recent trip to my local MAC counter I thought I would try a new foundation out. I told the girl there about my skin and what have you, and she came up with this. The Studio Sculpt foundation in NC15.
The foundation:
This foundation is a high coverage and is used on a lot of performers I was told, as it creates a flawless finish. Its a gel based formula meaning its ideal for dry skin. It also contains SPF which is ideal if your going out in the sun.

 My opinion of the foundation:
What a waste of £24. Yes, it is high coverage but on me it just looks streaky, patchy & cakey.
The smell of the product is vile and it broke me out quite bad.
Once I did get an even sort of look out of it, it had slid off of my face and melted...After 2 and a half hours.
I have tried the product with various primers & moisturisers underneath and I still get the same result.
So all in all, I am not impressed and will not be recommending or repurchasing ever.
Have you had a bad experience with a foundation?
E xxx

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Anatomicals farewell the scarlett pimplehell mud mask review!

For me, finding a mud mask that actually works is extremely tricky. 
I saw this on a shelf in my local savers and had to get it. I love Anatomicals, the packaging, the product, everything.
And for 99p I definitely couldn't walk past it.

The product. 
Its grey in colour and is a sort of medium clay texture, the consistency is just right if you ask me.
The smell is very strange, almost like going to a fish market?
I think it made my skin a lot more smoother and even, and did take down the redness in a blemish I had, but it didn't get rid of it.

Overall I did like the product and probably will repurchase, but for now I'm going to try out other masks.

Have you got any good face mask recommendations?

E xxx

Friday, 31 May 2013

Hair we go again......(From disaster to happily ever after!)

I have been trying to get my hair red for months!! So when I met a nurse with the colour hair I was after, I decided to ask her what dye she used. 
She said she used the Live Colour XXL Luminance in infra red, so I went and and bought it. 
On Monday I decided to give it ago & to be honest my first impressions wasn't that great. The formula was extremely thick, I had trouble mixing it & trying to squeeze the product out was a mission in itself. Then putting it on, it was going bright orange. I thought it was where the colour hadn't settled straight away, But when I washed it off, my hair was ginger and my roots fluorescent orange.
(This is after 4 washes and to be honest the picture doesn't tell how bright it really was.)

Being bank holiday I couldn't go and buy a different dye as all shops shut early, so I had to wait until the next day. I washed it 4 times before going out and also toned it down with Batiste for brunettes, but in the end I found a red dye that i liked the look of, it was just whether it would go that colour.

I went with the Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color the Infra Reds Collection in the shade 6.60 Fiery Red.
The formula was a lot better, was easy to mix and went on like a dream & it smelt fruity rather than full of chemicals. Then once it was on my hair it went red straight away and after leaving it for 35 mins, this was the result.
(Above: the same day and in daylight, below: after a wash at about 9pm)

As you can see, its not the typical Rihanna red but a nice dark and bright red.
I'm so pleased with the results and will definitely be using this dye again.
I used 2 dyes on my hair just to make sure it was all covered but they are on offer 2 for £9 at Superdrug. 

Have you ever had a hair disaster?!

E xxxx

Thursday, 23 May 2013

MAC cremesheen lipstick in pure zen.

Hello lovelies! 
Sorry I haven't been around much lately I've had a lot of family issues going on, but they are getting sorted now so I should be back properly! 

Last weekend to take my mind off everything I went shopping and found myself at the MAC counter in fenwicks. 
I wanted to get Hue but they couldn't find it so I ended up getting Pure Zen instead.
Pure zen is a gorgeous peachy nude compared to Hue which is more pinky. 
And if I'm brutally honest I think it's my new favourite MAC lipstick along with my new favourite nude. I love the cremesheen formula as well as they are very moisturising and don't dry your lips out! Plus I love the taste of MAC lipsticks! 

Also seeing as its my 21st next Wednesday me and my mum have planned to go to London overnight, hopefully In June. I already have a bit of money put away so expect a pretty big MAC haul in the next month or so! 

What's your favourite MAC or nude lipstick? 

E xxxx

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

April favourites!

Sorry I haven't posted much lately, I've had so much going on! So here is my better late than never April favourites! 

Toni & guy dry shampoo.
Now it's getting warmer my hair is getting greasier, much quicker. I have been finding batiste to be very drying so I reached for my old favourite. It leaves your hair smelling like a salon and doesn't leave that horrible white residue! 

Toni & guy sea salt spray. 
I have been loving the messy, just got out of bed look lately and now I have shorter hair I can finally use these type of products! 

St moriz tanning mousse.
I'm a bit of a self tanning "newb" and for once I can't mess this tanner up! 
It can be quite drying but nothing a good moisturiser can't fix! 

Apivita eye and face foaming cleanser.
I'm not really a big fan of foaming cleansers but this is AMAZING. It's all natural and dissolves your makeup like a dream! Definitely my favourite of favourites this month!

Rimmel match perfection foundation.
After having a bad experience with the wake me up foundation (breakouts and it not being the right shade) I didn't expect much from this product. But the shade is perfect and it leaves a lovely dewy finish.

Essie neo whimsical.
I love essie polishes and this is the perfect shade for the summer. A very nude pinky lilac and it lasts for days!

Avon super shock gel eyeliner in black. 
I've been reaching for this the most out of all my eyeliners this month. It stays on all day and is a deep dark black. What more could you want?

Dainty doll blush 004 you are my sunshine.
I find this a brilliant dupe for Nars orgasm and I don't have to use a highlighter with it! A beautiful peachy pink with rose gold shimmer, it leaves a beautiful colour on you face. 

What are your favourites this month? 

E xxx

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Einstein lip therapy cooling lip relief

I really don't need any more lip balms but the way my lips are misbehaving at the moment I need to find more intense ones. They have started to become mega sore and almost feel like they are on fire.
So, needless to say when I spotted this on the shelf in my local savers for 49p (I know I can't believe how cheap it is either!) I had to get it.

The first thing I noticed was the absolute vile smell. Some people will probably love it but I find it smells like Vicks and I don't like it. But, aside from the smell the actual product itself is really impressive! You put it on and straight away it cools down your lips, and makes them feel hydrated again. I don't find it lasts on your lips for long but cool tingling feeling does.

I can definitely see myself reaching for this when my lips are in need!

Have you found any lip saviours lately?

E xxx

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

New MUA goodies!

As some of you may have noticed, I love MUA and find that their products are such good quality for the money.

So on a recent trip to superdrug, I noticed that they finally had the Undress Your Skin foundation back in stock and in the shade I wanted too. I am pretty pale so finding a foundation that matches my skin tone is very hard. I find most of the brands will have porcelain available to you but its still to dark for me. Not MUA though. I got the shade porcelain and it really is perfect for me.

I also picked up the Cover & Conceal wand in fair and in natural, as I was after a darker concealer for when I am wearing fake tan or when I have managed to tan a bit.

The last thing I picked up was a lipstick in Shade 15 Juicy, and was pleasantly surprised to find it actually had a name unlike the rest of them! Its a gorgeous pale peachy coral with a lovely slight sheen to it. I'm really loving corals this spring/summer!

As you can see from the picture above, I have all the products on and I really love the foundation and lipstick! I will do a more in depth review once I have used them properly.

Do you have a favourite budget brand?

Thanks for reading!
E xxx