Thursday, 2 May 2013

Einstein lip therapy cooling lip relief

I really don't need any more lip balms but the way my lips are misbehaving at the moment I need to find more intense ones. They have started to become mega sore and almost feel like they are on fire.
So, needless to say when I spotted this on the shelf in my local savers for 49p (I know I can't believe how cheap it is either!) I had to get it.

The first thing I noticed was the absolute vile smell. Some people will probably love it but I find it smells like Vicks and I don't like it. But, aside from the smell the actual product itself is really impressive! You put it on and straight away it cools down your lips, and makes them feel hydrated again. I don't find it lasts on your lips for long but cool tingling feeling does.

I can definitely see myself reaching for this when my lips are in need!

Have you found any lip saviours lately?

E xxx